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It's easy to say buttons, but there are of natural and chemical!

Natural ones are divided into:

Plants --> Corozo, Ebony, Mahogany, Teak, Palma Dum, cloth, wood, ... .
Animals --> Mother of pearl, horn, bone, nails, Tortoise, Leather.

Those chemicals are divided into:

Artificial --> cellulose (Bakelite, Celluloid), Protein (galatite).
Synthetic --> Polyester, Polyamide (nylon plastic), polyvinyl chloride (polyvinyl chloride).

Depending on the material to be dyed, using dyes of different nature and different staining methods:
1. Simple: you use a single color.
2. Follows: Usually a mixture made of two or more 'colors.
3. Live: Do not we make use of auxiliary chemicals.
4. Indirect: to facilitate the penetration and fixation of color, using auxiliary chemicals.

Our dyes comply with EEC standards