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New Colors by Patricia Beggini was established in 1997 as a continuation of the New Colors of Prof. Rinaldo Bevacqua founded in 1991 and produces industrial dyes for all sectors: detergents, food, buttons, jewelry, zippers and tissues,

Our activity is based on our experience in all these years, on ongoing studies, and the research and innovation. The direct comparison with our customers and the solution of their problems have further increased our skills. The introduction of new fashions and new materials in particular, make us evolve continuously looking for cutting-edge products and shades always different.
We can provide technical advice in real time and great flexibility in order management.
We are known throughout the world, in fact, we export 80% of our production in many countries of Europe, America and Asia.
Another of our points of pride is that our company is made up of women: women's entrepreneurship is for us a reality'