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use of our dyes

DETERGENT hygiene products, cleaning house, car, disinfectants, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, etc..
FOOD Food for animals, animal products, pesticides
SERIES 0 Corozo, Horn, Natural, Wood
SERIES 1 Nylon, polyamide (+ bright), Galalite, horn casein, epoxy resins
SERIES 2 ABS, cellulose acetate, cellulose propionate, polyamide (- brilliant), polyester, acrylic, metametacrilato.
SERIES MP mother of pearl
SERIE PMX Polimix (mixed fabrics with different material), buttons mixed
SERIES COTONE Cotton Fabrics
SERIE LANA-SETA wool-silk fabrics in wool or silk
SERIE CN Cotton, nylon, corozo